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Lake Aslykul

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Aslykul - the largest lake in the republic of Bashkortostan.
There is still no clear answer to the question of the origin of the lake. The lake was formed Asylykul, as claimed by many researchers, the site of the giant karst collapse, gradually filled with water from precipitation and groundwater.
There is a legend about the origin of the lake Asylykul, which says that many years ago the lake did not exist. Through the village Burangulovo a river called Asyl. She fell into the river Chermasan. In place of the lake rose a mountain Tashlytau, and all around was covered with forests. Several hundred years ago, one night, a storm began, heavy rain. He was so strong that the river Asyl out its banks and flooded all around. The earth shook. Pets were in disarray. People are in fear toppled to the ground and in the morning they saw that in place of the mountain Tashlytau formed a huge lake.
In the past, in place of the lake was deciduous forest. This is evidenced by the trunks of larch, found at the bottom of the lake.
The lake has 23.5 square meters. km, its length is 8 kilometers and width of about 5 kilometers. Has an average depth - 5.1 meters. The lake water is slightly salty Aslykul flavor, high level of salinity. In a wind like weather, lake sea is rising high waves and hear the roar of the surf.
In the south of the lake has a steep bank with a change in elevation from 210 to 370 meters. The eastern shore is covered with dense mixed forest, and the middle part - the new larch and pine groves. At the water grows cane, reed, cattail, and manna.
Around the lake nesting birds can be found here swans, ducks, geese, and many peganok songbirds. In the waters of Lake Aslykul lives pike, roach, carp, eel, tench, carp, whitefish and ripus.
The main feature of the lake is the ability to accumulate Aslykul chemicals, since the lake is undrained.
January 19, 1993 decision of the Council of Ministers was formed the National Park "Lake Aslykul."
In order to preserve the unique natural landscapes and the management of recreational resources. Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan, dated August 8 of 2011, № 274 created the State budget institution Nature Park "Asly-Kul"