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Nature park "Asly-Kul"

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In order to preserve the unique natural landscapes and the management of recreational resources. Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan, dated August 8 of 2011, № 274 created the State budget institution Nature Park "Asly-Kul"
Nature park "Asly-Kul" is administered by the Republic of Bashkortostan is located on lands Davlekanovskogo, Alsheevskogo, Belebeevsky Buzdyakskogo areas and the Republic of Bashkortostan. The total area of land within the Natural Park of 47500ga. Territory and water area of the park includes a natural complexes and objects that have special ecological, environmental, scientific and aesthetic value.
The park has a rich flora and fauna. Here grow the plants listed in the Red Book. This feather-Zaleski, beautiful feather, feather feather, Koeleria sclerophyllous, grouse Russian, lady's slipper, rank Litvinov, phlox Siberian istoda Siberian coniferous cloves for sale Tatar, Klaus solntselyubivaya. Of the species listed in Red Data Book, live ordinary Apollo, steppe Dybok, Black-throated Diver European, red-breasted goose, peregrine falcon.
The main objective of SBI NP "Asly-Kul" is the preservation of natural systems, natural sites, species diversity in their historical and cultural sites. development and implementation of effective environmental protection and maintaining ecological balance in terms of recreational use of natural park.
Control over the observance of special protection and management, creation of conditions for recreation (including mass), and the preservation of recreational resources. Organizing and conducting scientific research and environmental monitoring in the Natural Park, to protect and represent the interests of natural heritage, to promote the management of the territory in ways that ensure the ecological and aesthetic value and integrity of nature for future generations.
To date, the natural park area is in poor condition. We have the uncontrolled use and unauthorized seizure of land. Most of the coastal zone of Lake Asly Kul resembles a dump, every 10-20 yards pile of household waste. Conducted unauthorized felling of trees, poaching of fishing with nets. Transport passes right by the lake. Uncontrolled fires are divorced.
To date, SBI NP "Asly-Kul" is registered, received articles of incorporation. Funding agencies begins with the month of October. But we are now negotiating with village councils, outside the zone of natural park, on the possibility of subbotniks to garbage collection on the shores of the lake.
The Director. Aralbayev Ramil Fattahovich
Contact phone: +7 937 164 1010; +7 919 612 3686
Registered office: 453400 g.Davlekanovo Street. Sadovaya 21a