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Prospects for the development Asly-Kul

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Nature park "Asly-Kul" - this is truly a unique piece of nature. This is the beauty and aura attracted to him countless admirers, if not - the pilgrims. Anyone who has visited Asly Kul man strives to return here again and again.

Our park is designed to preserve the typical and unique natural landscapes, the diversity of flora and fauna, natural heritage.

The main tasks of the natural park are designated development and implementation of effective protection of the natural landscape, creating the conditions for recreational visitors, ecological education and organization of a controlled tourist-excursion service.

Beautiful landscapes almost untouched wilderness always attracted large numbers of outdoor enthusiasts, tourists and athletes.

On the territory of Asly Kul concentrated landscapes that are suitable for the development of the ski, sports, equestrian tourism, boating and other outdoor activities. Nature park "Asly-Kul" very "compact". The presence of federal highway passing nearby, making the area accessible and attractive for object placement services for tourists in different categories. A view of the small by modern standards, the distance to the international airport "Ufa", Nature Park and is available for foreign tourists.

Overall, the nature park "Asly-Kul" offers great potential for tourism development, the uniqueness and attractiveness of nature, not yet covered by urbanization, intensive agricultural production - all this talk about the real possibility of ecotourism in the park, whose goal is the conservation .

There are five generally accepted criteria that must comply with eco-tourism, including in the natural park "Asly-Kul". Eco-tourism should be:

• Appeal to the nature and mainly based on the use of natural resources;
• do not cause damage or minimizing damage to our living environment, ie ecologically sustainable;
• aimed at environmental education, to form an equal partnership relations with nature;
• concerned with the preservation of local social and cultural spheres;
• providing cost-effective and sustainable development in areas where it occurs.

Park "Asly-Kul" very young, and his activities are still no clear tradition of eco-tourism. Nature conservation and tourism are not conjugate with each other organically. Nature-oriented forms of tourism (ecotourism) is now experiencing a revival. In general, the principles, technology and international practice of ecotourism we do not yet know enough. Often referred to as ecological tours, ecotourism, not having to do with it. Often tour or a tour are aimed only at demonstrating the sights of exotic "miracles" and "beauty" of nature, and not understanding of environmental problems.

The natural park is huge potential, but it does not reduce the severity of the problems and dangers, and it is in this area should be designed specific programs for the development of environmental education and tourism.

There are currently plans for the near future, work on long-term concepts, master plans, projects and management plan. Construction of cordons and ekotrop, reconstruction and construction of visitor centers, hotels, unpaved roads, the organization of scientific activities and work with visitors - this is not a complete list of cases that the Directorate is planning to park.

Unfortunately, today's tourism in the park "Asly-Kul" is in a relatively uncontrolled state, which leads to a significant deterioration of ecological conditions in the park. But we hope that the situation has improved markedly, acquiring, through service, protection of the natural park "Asly-Kul", more and more controlled by the state. Usually traveling tourist hopes on the one hand, a certain amount of knowledge, but on the other - to relax in nature. In the natural park "Asly-Kul" is well developed, "amateur" or "wild" tourism. Of course, the "wild" tourists are not driven by actual environmental objectives and many of them like to use nature, but do not protect it, such a massive "wild" tourism often causes considerable damage to fragile ecosystems.

In this context, particular importance attaches to those components of the development of environmentally oriented tourism nature park "Asly-Kul", which are specifically aimed at the formation of ecological culture of the tourists. It is quite clear that an effective way, brings us to the formation of ecological culture, of course, is the way of direct contact with the existing on our planet natural realities, their comprehension and experience. Ensure that contact can and should be the natural park "Asly-Kul".

For this reason, is inseparable from ecotourism environmental education. Knowing the nature, imbued with the necessity of careful tourists to her relationship is not disturbed when the normal, sustainable functioning of the landscape and disfiguring his face when the food tourist is environmentally clean and useful, but its remnants and other debris are thrown haphazardly.

Park, of course, has huge resources for the development of ecological tourism. The value of natural objects and complexes of the Park "Asly-Kul" is undeniable. It is very important now to lay the foundation that will keep them in their original form for many, many years. That's why you want an effective management of tourism and recreation in two ways:

• to create conditions for development of ecotourism and recreation, with the direct involvement of environmental education;
• to minimize the negative impacts of tourism and recreation on natural systems and historical and cultural sites.

It is worth emphasizing some necessary measures that will ensure the development of the natural park and preserve its natural potential:
• The need for zoning of recreational and tourist zone into subzones to reduce human workload and ability to control recreational flows (this item is marked in the work plan of the Natural Park in 2012);
• Design and construction of park ecological routes, as well as the development and adoption of rules of conduct for tourists in the park;
• Develop a network of new tourist routes and ekotrop to reduce anthropogenic stress;
• Implementation of environmental education (educational and consulting services to various types of development and distribution of reference and information systems of the park;
• Promoting a positive image of the park "Asly-Kul", because of its natural features and "natural business cards."

In the context of the above, I would like to designate another of the pressing needs of the natural park - this is training of certified management of ecotourism.

These actions will ensure that:

• interest and the general attitude of visitors to the park for environmental issues, including their understanding of social needs and environmental responsibilities, as well as their concerns about personal environmental security;
• The willingness or desire to participate in environmental actions;
• awareness of eco-tourism in general and about the features of the natural park "Asly-Kul";
• tendency to be active users of the park, aimed at addressing specific environmental problems and concerns the nature park "Asly-Kul".

It is very important today to ensure the work of nature park "Asly-Kul", so as not to pass into the hands of any companies and organizations of all threads and features to form an "independent" product entirely or largely "closed" on the resources of the park, as well as sell and control it without the knowledge of the Directorate of the park. The latter condition is very important because the park should provide a sufficient investment of the profits from tourism activities in the preservation of its resources.

So, eco-tourism in the Natural Park "Asly-Kul" good prospects. Tourism will be environmentally friendly if it will provide economic and cultural development of the region and will not damage the natural and socio-cultural environment, our habitat, if tourists will learn to understand, respect and care for nature and culture of their host park "Asly-Kul". Therefore, environmental education and scientific work of the park are designed to build his public image, as well as contribute to the cognitive nature of tourist activity.

That is why it is very important at this point to create a system that would preserve the uniqueness and the uniqueness of the natural park "Asly-Kul". This is only a fraction of what we can do for this magnificent creation of nature.

Solution of various problems in their entirety and totality - of nature conservation and tourism management, environmental education and research - require a competent, thorough approach.